Monsanto has launched an advertising campaign to pay tribute to the contributions of American farmers. In an effort to show the diversity of our customers, these farm families were selected from various parts of the country. For two consecutive years, this initiative has featured a member of the National Black Growers Council: Ray Sneed from Tennessee and P.J. Haynie from Virginia. We proudly applaud both the Sneed and Haynie Farms and thank Monsanto for sharing their rich histories with the rest of America. To learn more about these and other farm families, click on the following links:

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NBGC's farmer P J Haynie is featured in the America's Farmers campaign sponsored by Monsanto. This billboard spotlighting PJ is in Iowa. PJ joined several NBGC members in Des Moines recently for the annual Urban Ag Academy conference that included NBGC on a panel to discuss African American farmers in the United States today.